Meet the Surgeon

Kenneth W. Hollis, MD FACS


Curriculum Vitae

Dr Hollis has been a surgeon in private practice for over 30 years. As a fully trained and Board Certified General/Thoracic/Vascular Surgeon, he followed his passion for Trauma Surgery, and completed this aspect of training at Baltimore’s Shock-Trauma Cemter (MIEMSS). As a Trauma Surgeon, he has remained very active in the clinical care of the severely injured, although his academic days and teaching responsibilities are long past.

Always on the leading edge of new surgical technologies, Dr Hollis began his laparoscopic career in the late 80’s as part of the first wave of surgeons to embark upon what would prove to become the signature of the surgical profession today. Although he still performs basic gallbladder and hernia operations with his scope, his experience has become progressively more concentrated upon advanced operations of the upper digestive tract. Of these, bariatric and antireflux surgeries are the prime focus for Dr Hollis, and he not only performs these operations in high volume, but he continues to train other surgeons in these techniques.

Throughout his career, our doctor has been keenly interested in nutrition and metabolism. Although it began by dealing with nutritional deficiency states in the ICU, it has led him to develop an unusual perspective about weight management, especially in the obese population. Ironically, in his opinion, many obese individuals are really very poorly nourished and need a comprehensive solution that needs to go beyond simply performing a surgical procedure. This is the recurring theme you’ll hear from this doctor.

“There is no substitute for listening and talking to my patients” he explains. “The doctor-patient relationship is everything, more than any one procedure or treatment can ever do.”

Dr Hollis has had a vast surgical experience, and has done well over 10,000 laparoscopic operations, with over 5000 of them being bariatric or antireflux operations. Despite this, he sees each new patient as a fresh opportunity to produce confidence in the medical profession and to resolve the health matters which brings the doctor and his patient together.

Dr. Hollis is very active in the following medical communities:

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