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It’s no secret that everyone has experienced stress at one point in their life rather it be caused by personal or professional issues. According to the American Institute of Stress, 80% of workers feel stress on their job and nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress. While having some stress in your life is a good thing, having far too much can lead to other health issues such as depression, mood swings, low self-esteem, overeating or not eating; among other things. We can’t always categorize each person’s level of stress the same. One individual may find something highly stressful and another might find it highly motivating. So, for that the person, if they are unable to cope with the level of stress they are facing they need to get help so that it doesn’t cause other problems.

Causes of Stress

            Stress for any individual can either help or hinder them. Depending on their ability to cope, would be the deciding factor on whether it is a good or bad thing. When it is a hindrance and left untreated this our mental and physical health can start to deteriorate. It can be hard to identify the exact cause, however there are several common causes:

  • big changes
  • high pressure environments
  • constant worrying
  • not having enough going on in your life
  • not having any control over a situation
  • having an overwhelming amount of responsibility.

Different situation can also vary our level of stress. The amount we fell can depend on, our perception of the event, our emotional resilience and how we deal with pressure. There are also a few situational causes:

  • injury, illness or long-term health problems
  • bereavement
  • breaking up with a partner or getting a divorce
  • being a career for a relative or friend who needs a lot of support
  • losing your job
  • retirement
  • problems with housing conditions
  • money worries.

How Hypnosis can help

People will usually offer up three solutions to helping you deal with your stress. Medication, stress management session or counseling services. Medication will ease your symptoms but it will wear off warranting more medications. A stress management course will help someone address some of the issues. Lastly, Hypnotherapy (counseling service), it’s completely natural and will get to the root of your stress with no side effects. Hypnosis works by giving the subconscious mind new messages and creating new neural pathways in the brain to change thoughts feelings and behaviors that you want to change

With the help of a hypnotherapist they can help you with techniques to cope with stress. Perhaps by visualizing doing things differently or finding new ways to react. Hypnotherapy helps to reframe your thinking and look at your stress in an entirely different way. You set a goal that you want to achieve, how you want to be able to deal with stress in the future. Your hypnotherapist will then work with you to achieve your goals using a variation of different techniques. Each therapist might use different techniques, but they all will work towards the same goal.

Hypnosis is a wonderful and natural way to reduce your stress. The goal is to be a better person who feels good in their mind and body. Your mental health cannot be ignored. If you are interested in a session please refer to our Hypnotherapy on our site for more information.