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It is important during the holidays to maintain your healthy eating habits especially after Bariatric Surgery. Here are 7 foods to avoid this holiday season after surgery:

1) Food with Empty Calories

Since your stomach is about the size of a walnut after bariatric surgery, you will need to get enough daily nutrition by making wise diet choices. A bariatric surgery diet means avoiding foods that provide little or no nutritional value. This includes pastries, candy, chips, pretzels, rice cakes, and popcorn. If you eat these foods, you may end up undernourished or gaining back your weight.

2) Alcohol

Booze is high in calories, and it won’t be recommended as part of your post-bariatric surgery diet. Like any liquid, alcoholic beverages take up precious space in your stomach that needs to go to foods packed with vitamins and minerals during a post-surgery diet.

3) Dry Foods

Because you aren’t drinking liquids while you eat, you may want to avoid dry foods, at least in the beginning of the final phase of your bariatric surgery diet. Foods like nuts or granola may be difficult to swallow. Try very small pieces of these foods to see if you can tolerate them as part of your bariatric surgery diet. If not, don’t get discouraged.

4) Bread, Rice, and Pasta

Because of the starchy nature of bread, rice, and pasta, after your surgery, they can form a paste in your throat that is hard to swallow without liquid.

5) Fibrous Fruits and Vegetables

You should be eating lots of nutritious fruits and vegetables as part of your diet, but avoid hard-to-digest, fibrous vegetables. Corn is a food to avoid. Over time, you may be able to tolerate these foods, but in the short term, eat cooked, soft vegetables with no skin.

6) High-Fat Food

Eating fatty foods after surgery may make you nauseous, and they aren’t good for long-term success at weight loss. Skip the bacon, sausage, bologna, butter, whole milk, and hard cheeses and choose lower-fat options instead. Select low-fat sandwich meats, lean beef, chicken, turkey.

7) Sugary and Highly Caffeinated Drinks

Any drink with sugar, corn syrup, or fructose is something to avoid post-gastric bypass. Drinking sugary drinks like soda and some fruit juices while on your diet can lead to dumping syndrome. Instead, choose water, unsweetened packaged drinks, decaf coffee, and tea.