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No matter how awesome fall is – with its changing colors, crisp air and pumpkin-packed recipes – it’s also a bittersweet reminder that winter is on its way. And with winter comes short, dark days, bitter temps and a nagging temptation to hibernate with a bowl of calorie-packed comfort foods. But you don’t have to let your summer successes turn into winter weight gain.

Here, experts share six strategies that are never too early to put into practice. Cross them off your fall to-do list for your healthiest winter yet.

  1. Mark your calendar with goals. Wait until the New Year to set health and fitness goals, and you’ll find yourself with a hole to dig yourself out of. set a long-term goal that will carry you clear into spring.
  2. Experiment with indoor fitness classes. Absolutely hate exercisingin cold winter weather? Start trying new indoor fitness classes now so that by the time the bitter winds strike, you’ve become a regular in a class you love
  3. Practice eating for the right reason. During the winter, there are so many reasons to eat – from holiday parties to lackluster energy levels to cravings for something warm, gooey and filled with fat. However, it’s important to remember that the best reason to eat is hunger.
  4. Gear up. Now’s the time to start shopping for the workout gear you need to stay warm and comfortable on your treks to and from the gym – not to mention any outdoor workouts.