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Our Procedures

Bay Choice Bariatrics introduces our all new 24/7 hotline to schedule an appointment with us at your own convenience.

Our Procedures

Bay Choice Bariatrics & Digestive Center is a private practice offering a range of general and bariatric surgery options.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
9am – 12pm


Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Clinic – Houston Texas

If you are overweight and have tried everything imaginable to lose weight through conventional means such as dieting, exercise, behavior therapy, and/or drugs, but have been unsuccessful in your attempts, then weight loss surgery may be right for you. BayChoice Bariatric & Digestive Center specializes in bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) for morbidly obese patients.

When you visit our practice, you’ll be surrounded by a patient-centered, compassionate team of bariatric professionals who are dedicated to helping you fight the war against obesity. Our entire staff is committed to assisting you on your weight loss journey.

Live Healthy. Lose Weight. Be Inspirational.

Baychoice Bariatric & Digestive Center is prepared to change your life in a dramatic way! It’s time to take the next step. Sign up for a Free Informational Seminar today to learn more.

The patient portal allows you to:

  • Sign up for a Free Weight Loss Seminar
  • Prefill out Important Medical Information
  • Update Insurance Information
  • See Upcoming Appointments
  • Check the Status of your Surgery Criteria

Meet the Surgeon, Kenneth W. Hollis, MD FACS

Dr Hollis has been a surgeon in private practice for over 30 years. As a fully trained and Board Certified General/Thoracic/Vascular Surgeon, he followed his passion for Trauma Surgery, and completed this aspect of training at Baltimore’s Shock-Trauma Cemter (MIEMSS). As a Trauma Surgeon, he has remained very active in the clinical care of the severely injured, although his academic days and teaching responsibilities are long past.

Your Feedback Matters To Us!

Did you enjoy your experience at Bay Choice bariatrics? If so, and even if you thought your experience could have been better, let us know. Your feedback matters to us. Feel free to leave us a review on any of our social media channels.

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Closure of Practice

We are sad to inform you that with deep thought and consideration, we have decided to no longer accept new patients after February 5, 2018. We are closing our bariatric and surgical practice and are recommending

Texas Laparoscopic Consultants,
Terry Scarborough MD, 
Sherman Yu MD

1200 Binz Suite 950
Houston, TX 77004

Click link for full Closure of Practice letter.

Closure of Practice
Authorization for release of medical records